The Defender Challenge grows with more teams and more rounds, the Defender Challenge rally kit is launched.
Bowler races it’s 400hp supercharged 3.0 V6 Defender 110, and the car is featured in Evo and Top Gear magazines, alongside Bowler Fast Road conversions
Bowler launches the Defender Challenge as a programme which will prepare competitors for the Dakar, and moves into a new production facility
The Bowler team grows and develops the range of performance parts available for Defenders, adding new European distributors
Bowler agrees a formal brand partnership with Land Rover across sponsorship, marketing and engineering, and begins development of the Defender Challenge
Bowler races the EXR in Africa and Europe and launches a range of road and rally performance upgrade parts for the Defender
The Bowler EXR-S is revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and is driven up the hill in the Supercar class - beating many supercar rivals
Bowler attends the Goodwood Festival of Speed and runs 8 x rally cars on a specially designed course over the weekend
Richard Hammond declares himself a ‘driving god’ in a Bowler Wildcat, and Bowler build the Nemesis, while developing the EXR
Bowler produced cars to race in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Holland, the UAE and Africa in the hands of teams and privateers
A Bowler Wildcat wins both the British Baja National Championship and the French Baja in the hands of Hugh Haines
Bowler's largest ever Dakar entry means it’s the second largest factory team after Mitsubishi, and has the highest rate of finishers
Wildcats are entered into, and win, the British Hill Rally Championship and sales in Europe increase, especially in France and Spain
Competition entry into the French Baja with a Bowler Wildcat sees the Bowler brand grow in Europe and production increases
A range of engines are tested and used in the Wildcat, with the Rover V8 being the most popular for all race applications
The Wildcat evolves and becomes popular with privateers and small teams as a reliable, fast and robust car
Bowler competes in the world famous Dakar Rally in Africa for the first time, and races in central Europe with the Wildcat
Bowler sells the production rights of the Tomcat to focus on the newly developed Wildcat, which is an immediate success
Due to customer demand, the Tomcat evolves into a 100” chassis for national trial and comp safari events
Drew Bowler wins the ARC National Comp Safari in Tomcat and begins to develop the Tomcat
The 88” Tomcat is a popular car for UK national trial and hill rally events, and Bowler begins to sell into Europe
The first customer Bowler competition cars are built and sold as Cobra trial cars, primarily for use in comp safaris and trials
Drew Bowler begins making and selling competition cars from his home in Derbyshire and Bowler Motorsport begins

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